Price Per Dozen

Every year thousands of sea turtles and dugong are killed in Australia under the Native Title Act. The majority of these are butchered inhumanely using unsustainable and untraditional methods, namely to support an illegal trade for their meat.

Price Per Dozen is an investigative documentary which seeks to explore the impact of traditional hunting on sea turtle and dugong populations.  We wish to speak with scientists, anthropologists, indigenous elders (both for and against traditional hunting) and expose and illegal meat trade in sea turtle and dugong meat within Australia.

With your help we want to question the traditional hunting of threatened and endangered species in modern society.  Can a sustainable future cater for both creature and custom? Or must the killing be stopped?

To find out we need your help!

In order to complete our mission we need to raise $10,000 to cover travel and equipment costs. No one gets paid!  Please donate now to save Australian sea turtles and dugongs.

Help us stop the unsustainable and inhumane hunt.


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